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Vicki Plano Clark and Peggy Shannon-Baker
Navigating Mixed Methods Research: Connecting the Field of Mixed Methods to Your Research Practices

Mixed methods research has grown into an exciting and dynamic field that encompasses an extensive literature with diverse perspectives and increasing sophistication.  Individuals who are new to mixed methods need to learn from this literature, but often struggle with... Read full workshop description

Elizabeth Creamer
Fully Integrated Mixed Method Research Approaches

This interactive workshop introduces fully integrated mixed method research (FIMM) as a methodology for integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches throughout the research process from its initial inception through its... Read full workshop description

Sharlene Hesse-Biber
Qualitative Approaches to Mixed Methods Research Inquiry: Design & Analysis

This workshop will be useful both to researchers new to using mixed methods and to those interested in extending their use of this approach.  The user-friendly workshop will show participants how to construct research questions that benefit from a qualitatively-driven... Read full workshop description

Donna Mertens
Mixed Methods Design as a Tool to Enhance Social Justice

This workshop is designed for researchers who want to learn how to use mixed methods to better address the needs of members of marginalized communities, such as women, people with disabilities, poor people, racial/ethnic minorities, and religions... Read full workshop description

Nataliya Ivankova and Ivan Herbey
Using Mixed Methods with Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Facilitate a Meaningful Change

Mixed methods combined with community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) can provide a rigorous methodological framework for developing evidence-based, scientifically sound, and culturally tailored quality improvement initiatives to facilitate a meaningful change. When combined with mixed methods, CBPAR can assist stakeholders in Read full workshop description

Udo Kuckartz
Mixed Methods Data Analysis with MAXQDA (Featuring Joint Displays)

After a decade of developing mixed methods designs and design typologies, in recent time questions of data analysis are attracting more interest. This workshop will focus on the challenge of integration during the phase of analysis. Integration is the crucial point in... Read full workshop description

Pat Bazeley
Integrating Mixed Methods Analyses

The approach taken to integration of diverse data sources and analytical approaches in mixed methods studies is a crucial feature of those studies. Models of integration in analysis range from discussing separately generated results from different components or... Read full workshop description

Mike Fetters
Publishing your paper: Meet the Editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research

The purpose of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research (JMMR) is to promote theoretical and methodological advances in the field of mixed methods research. The purpose of this session is to encourage understanding about procedures for successfully publishing in... Read full workshop description

Jennifer Greene
Meeting the Challenges of “Voice” in Writing up the Results of Mixed Methods Social Inquiry

Different inquiry traditions have different rhetorical styles that guide our writing and reporting of results. Notably, postpositivist traditions privilege third-person accounts of what was learned, while constructivist traditions privilege the researcher’s authored... Read full workshop description

John Creswell and Justine Wu
Embedding Mixed Methods Research into Experiments

This workshop is for individuals who are conducting all forms of experimental research, whether in the health sciences or the social sciences.  It will focus on the multiple types of experiments and how mixed methods needs to be adjusted to... Read full workshop description

Kathy Collins and Cheryl Poth
An Integrated Approach to Designing a Mixed Methods Research Course: Applicable for Face-to-Face and Online Settings

The goal of this interactive workshop is to introduce to instructors an array of conceptual strategies and practical techniques to conceptualize, to plan, and to implement a high-quality mixed methods research (MMR) course, and to evaluate students’ levels of... Read full workshop description

Johnson, Tucker, McLain, Ivatt, Onwuegbuzie
Applying Dialectical Pluralism in Mixed Methods Research

This workshop will engage participants with the dialectical pluralism approach to mixed methods research (Johnson, 2011, 2015, 2017). First, the workshop will explicate the theory of dialectical pluralism. Second, participants will use DP to interact with different ontologies, epistemologies, methodologies, methods, axiologies, while... Read full workshop description

Floryt van Wesel
Conducting a Mixed Studies Review

Systematic reviews are used in a diverse range of scientific fields to synthesize the available ‘body of knowledge’ on a specific topic and consequently guide evidence-based policy and practice. In addition to aggregating quantitative research findings in a... Read full workshop description

Dominik Froehlich and Jasperina Brouwer
Introduction to (Mixed Method) Social Network Analysis

In this workshop, we will cover the foundations of social network analysis. You will get an overview of the current qualitative and quantitative methods that are used in this field and what kind of questions you could explore. From there, we will... Read full workshop description

Tony Onwuegbuzie and John Hitchcock
Advanced Mixed Analyses

Several authors have written methodological works that provide an introductory- and/or intermediate-level guide to conducting mixed analyses.  Although all of these works have been useful for beginning and emerging mixed researchers, what is lacking are... Read full workshop description