Scientific Program

Workshop schedule
Friday 24th
14:00 - 17:00
Saturday 25th
9:00 - 12:00
Saturday 25th
13:00 - 16:00
Fully Integrated Mixed Method Research Approaches
Leader: Creamer
Navigating Mixed Methods Research: Connecting the Field of Mixed Methods to Your Research Practices
Leader: Plano Clark
Qualitative Approaches to Mixed Methods Research Inquiry: Design & Analysis
Leader: Hesse-Biber
Applying Dialectical Pluralism in Mixed Methods Research
Leader: Johnson
Mixed Methods Design as a Tool to Enhance Social Justice
Leader: Mertens
Using Mixed Methods with Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Facilitate a Meaningful Change
Leader: Ivankova
Integrating Mixed Methods Analyses
Leader: Bazeley
Mixed Methods Data Analysis with MAXQDA (Featuring Joint Displays)
Leader: Kuckartz
Introduction to (Mixed Method) Social Network Analysis
Leader: Froehlich
Meeting the Challenges of “Voice” in Writing up the Results of Mixed Methods Social Inquiry
Leader: Greene
Publishing your paper: Meet the Editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research
Leader: Fetters
An Integrated Approach to Designing a Mixed Methods Research Course: Applicable for Face-to-Face and Online Settings
Leader: Poth
Embedding Mixed Methods Research into Experiments
Leader: Creswell
Advanced Mixed Analyses
Leader: Onwuegbuzie
Conducting a Mixed Studies Review
Leader: Wesel

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