Gaining new ground: deepening and expanding the field of mixed methods

Welcome to the third global conference of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA), which will be held in Vienna, Austria from August 22 to August 25, 2018. While earlier MMIRA conferences have addressed the themes of diversity and complexity, the theme of this conference is gaining new ground by deepening and expanding the field of mixed methods.

This conference aims to further deepen our understanding of mixed methods research. Foundations of mixed methods research has been an important theme and will be an important theme at this conference. In this conference, we will hear more about the relation between methods and claims. We will discuss the role of causation and choices of paradigm in mixed methods research in our workshops and presentations.

Expanding the field of mixed methods is an important theme as well. We would like to reach out to those conducting mixed methods in areas that are less well-known to the mixed methods community. Through one of our key note speeches, you will learn more about mixed methods in linguistics. Do you conduct mixed methods research in, for example, linguistics, in economics, or in geography? Then you are cordially invited to join the conference, just like anyone conducting or interested in mixed methods research in all other disciplines.

Do you want to know how mixed methods research can be used to improve your practice? Visit our workshops and presentations on transformative research and action research. Do you want to present your example from practice at our conference? Feel free to submit your presentation.

We hope, that the MMIRA 2018 will be a venue where researchers and practitioners, experts and newbies from all disciplines will come together and learn from each other.