Using Mixed Methods with Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Facilitate a Meaningful Change

Mixed methods combined with community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) can provide a rigorous methodological framework for developing evidence-based, scientifically sound, and culturally tailored quality improvement initiatives to facilitate a meaningful change. When combined with mixed methods, CBPAR can assist stakeholders in developing better appreciation for a data-driven decision-making process by capitalizing on the advantages of integrating quantitative outcome-based oriented approaches with qualitative research engagement methods. The purpose of this interactive hands-on workshop is to introduce participants to the methodological premises and procedural steps of applying mixed methods in the CBPAR process and to guide participants in the application of these steps to their research situations including dissertation and funded research. Participants will have an opportunity to receive expert advice on designing and implementing a mixed methods CBPAR study within the context of their research problems and to engage in discussions about the advantages and challenges of applying mixed methods in CBPAR.

Nataliya Ivankova, PhD, MPH is Professor in the Schools of Health Professions and Nursing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), USA. She is internationally recognized for her empirical and methodological work in mixed methods research across disciplines. She has an extensive background as a co-investigator, methodologist, and research consultant on funded mixed methods research projects many of which deal with the issues of health and educational disparities. She is an author of the book Mixed Methods Applications in Action Research: From Methods to Community Action (2015, Sage) and a co-author of the book Mixed Methods Research: A Guide to the Field (2016, Sage). She teaches a unique doctoral level course on applying mixed methods in community-based action research and mentors students and junior faculty in their mixed methods action research projects. She is a founding Co-editor of the Mixed Methods Research Series with Sage Publishing and serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research and Qualitative Research Editor for the American Journal of Health Behavior.

Ivan Herbey, MD, MPH is consultant and data analyst at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), USA. As a trained epidemiologist with expertise in qualitative research, he contributes to design and implementation of mixed methods research studies aimed at enhancing patient-centered research and translational science. He has an extensive research experience in community-based research projects addressing the issues of health disparities among minority populations. Building from his medical training and experience, he has served as consultant and data analyst on many funded qualitative and mixed methods projects dealing with African-American attitudes to organ donation, minority participation in clinical trials, nutrition habits of African American children, and chronic pain and medication addiction among HIV-infected patients at UAB. He is proficient in major qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches and provides training to community partners in qualitative data collection and analysis methods.