Navigating Mixed Methods Research: Connecting the Field of Mixed Methods to Your Research Practices

Mixed methods research has grown into an exciting and dynamic field that encompasses an extensive literature with diverse perspectives and increasing sophistication.  Individuals who are new to mixed methods need to learn from this literature, but often struggle with understanding the complexity of the field.  This workshop will provide practical guidance in navigating the field of mixed methods so that novice researchers can effectively connect the mixed methods literature to their research practices.  The workshop will introduce a conceptual framework that serves as a “map” of the field by describing mixed methods research in terms of the research process decisions, methodological content considerations, and larger contextual influences (Plano Clark & Ivankova, 2016).  Workshop participants will apply the framework to: (1) organize key mixed methods literature, (2) describe their own perspectives about mixed methods research, and (3) inform the design and evaluation of mixed methods studies.  Participants are encouraged to bring their different reasons for engaging with mixed methods to help shape their work during the application activities.

Vicki L. Plano Clark, PhD, is an associate professor in the research methodologies unit of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Education. Her methodological scholarship examines mixed methods designs and procedural issues and considers the personal, interpersonal, and social contexts for the adoption and use of mixed methods. She has coauthored several books including Mixed Methods Research: A Guide to the Field (2016; Sage) with Nataliya V. Ivankova and Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research (3rd ed., 2018; Sage) with John W. Creswell. She is a founding coeditor of the Mixed Methods Research Series and currently serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research. She engages in research and evaluation projects on a wide array of topics across the educational, health, and social sciences.

Peggy Shannon-Baker, PhD, is an assistant professor of educational research at Georgia Southern University. She is a specialist in international education, multicultural education, and mixed methods research. She has published in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, and Journal of Peace Education. Her current projects include a mixed methods analysis of school enrollment experience and factors influencing school choice among parents, as well as the use of visual methods in mixed methods studies.