Advanced Mixed Analyses

Several authors have written methodological works that provide an introductory- and/or intermediate-level guide to conducting mixed analyses.  Although all of these works have been useful for beginning and emerging mixed researchers, what is lacking are works that describe advanced-level mixed analysis approaches. Thus, in this workshop, we will provide a framework for conducting advanced-level mixed analysis approaches.  Further, we will expand on this framework, and then use it to introduce several new advanced-level mixed analysis approaches, comprising advanced quantitative-dominant crossover, qualitative-dominant, and equal-status crossover mixed analysis approaches. This session is applicable for doctoral students who are familiar with advanced-level statistical approaches and have experience conducting qualitative analyses. Also, this session is useful for (a) researchers, evaluators, and practitioners who conduct a variety of research studies and who are interested in using advanced-level mixed analyses that will allow them not only to extract more from the data that they have collected, but also to ask more complex research questions; and (b) faculty members and supervisors/advisors alike.

Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie is Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University, where he teaches doctoral-level courses in qualitative research, quantitative research, and mixed research, including program evaluation. Further, he is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg. His research areas primarily involve social and behavioral science topics, including disadvantaged and under-served populations such as minorities, children living in war zones, students with special needs, and juvenile delinquents. Additionally, he writes extensively on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodological topics applicable to multiple disciplines within the field of the social and behavioral sciences.

John H. Hitchcock is an associate professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. He is also the director of the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. He serves on MMIRA’s Executive Board and has co-authored several peer-reviewed mixed methods articles. His area of specialization is in the arena of designing and evaluating educational and psychological interventions for children with special learning needs.