Conducting a mixed studies review

Systematic reviews are used in a diverse range of scientific fields to synthesize the available ‘body of knowledge’ on a specific topic and consequently guide evidence-based policy and practice. In addition to aggregating quantitative research findings in a meta-analysis or qualitative research findings in a qualitative evidence synthesis, mixed studies reviews (MSR) are currently undertaken that combine both types of evidence. The knowledge that MSR provide is exhilarating as they can lead to a very diverse understanding of a topic. They are however methodologically challenging. In this workshop we will discuss several established MSR methodologies as well as an generic approach to conducting a MSR. Several exercises will be used to guide the audience through the steps of the review process, starting with formulating a review question and searching and including primary studies, followed by extracting data and data synthesis, and finally reporting on a MSR.

Floryt van Wesel obtained a B.Sc. in psychological methods, a M.Sc. in organizational psychology and a Ph.D. in applied Bayesian statistics. Her educational and research experiences have given her extensive quantitative knowledge in addition to broad skills in qualitative research methodology. She thus has a unique stance with regard to mixed methods research. She is currently an assistant professor at the department of Methodology & Statistics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on synthesis methodology for quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research.