An Integrated Approach to Designing a Mixed Methods Research Course: Applicable for Face-to-Face and Online Settings

The goal of this interactive workshop is to introduce to instructors an array of conceptual strategies and practical techniques to conceptualize, to plan, and to implement a high-quality mixed methods research (MMR) course, and to evaluate students’ levels of performance throughout the course. Embedded within the workshop will be practical techniques for adapting the course design to accommodate both face-to-face and online settings. The workshop’s content is applicable for teaching master’s and doctoral students. To facilitate participant engagement, interspersed throughout the workshop will be interactive small group activities. Prior experience teaching MMR is not a prerequisite. Extensive workshop materials will be provided. Although, a computer is not required, participants may find it useful for completing the small group activities. Workshop Level: All Levels of Teaching Experience and Mixed Methods Research Expertise

Kathleen M. T. Collins, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Arkansas, USA. She has presented and co-presented over 35 workshops (30 in the area of mixed methods research) for both international and local audiences. Currently, Dr. Collins teaches an advanced graduate-level mixed methods research course in face-to-face and online settings. Dr. Collins has published over 80 articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia chapters (40 in the area of mixed methods research).  She is co-editor of a mixed methods research book in the area of stress and coping (2010, Information Age Publishing). 

Cheryl Poth is a faculty member in the Centre for Research and Applied Measurement and Evaluation in the Department of Educational Psychology and an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has developed and taught mixed methods research graduate courses and presented more than 15 workshops for both international and local audiences. She is an associate editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, co-author of the 4th edition of Qualitative inquiry & research design (2017, Sage Publications), and author of a forthcoming mixed methods research book about dealing with complexity (2018, Sage Publications).